Brand Representation Service at Pivotal Links


Pivotal Links is a key networking event for the biotechnology industry. The two-day event will be held in Oxford on 17-18th June 2024. If you cannot attend in person, the Brand Representation service allows your company to be represented on your behalf. In this blog, a previous virtual attendee describes the “professional and efficient” Brand Representation service at last year’s event.

Pivotal Links is a key global networking event in biotechnology, bringing together companies from both research and in vitro diagnostic industries. We understand that not every company that would like to attend can make the event in person, which could be for a variety of reasons. For companies unable to attend in person, we offer the Brand Representation service, which allows companies to be represented by the Pivotal Scientific team. In this blog, we describe PSL alliance member EnoGene’s experience with the Brand Representation service at the previous Pivotal Links 2023 meeting.

Step 1. Understanding the business needs of the company

Due to travel restrictions, EnoGene could not make Pivotal Links 2023. Instead, they signed up for Pivotal’s Brand Representation service. Once signed up, EnoGene and the member of the Pivotal Scientific team representing EnoGene at the Pivotal Links meeting had a series of conversations via video conference calls or by email. With comprehensive experience in academic research and in the biotech industry, Tania Puvirajesinghe, Scientific Analyst and Content Writer, was perfectly placed to understand the business needs, goals, and strategies for the growth of the company.

Enogene are an advanced, ISO9001:2015-certified biotechnological company with over 130,000 high-quality antibodies, proteins, kits, and other research reagents in its portfolio. Enogene also provide contract services, including antibody production, ascites production, and anti-cancer drug activity evaluation using in vitro and in vivo cancer models. Enogene were keen to meet to extend their distribution network or engage in original equipment manufacture (OEM) collaboration.

After reviewing the meeting attendees, EnoGene generated an initial shortlist of companies for the B2B introductions. This list was extended by Tania using insights from Pivotal Scientific and technical knowledge of the companies’ profiles.

Step 2. Tailored B2B lead generation

The next step was to generate quality marketing materials to support the presentation of EnoGene for the meetings. Using the information and marketing collateral provided by EnoGene and the company’s online information, Tania compiled a slide deck explaining EnoGene products and custom services and drafted an outreach email. A personalised email supported with marketing collateral was used to contact the shortlist of attendees to arrange a face-to-face meeting at Pivotal Links.

Step 3. Making the B2B introductions

Pivotal Links is the perfect event for establishing B2B connections. Following a meeting between the Pivotal Scientific Brand Ambassador and the company, EnoGene were then put directly in touch with interested parties. The interested parties were provided with all the information they needed relating to products and services to make informed decisions.

EnoGene were kept updated at every stage of the B2B outreach. The Brand Representation service allowed EnoGene to make numerous successful B2B introductions.

EnoGene were pleased with the B2B introductions via the Brand Representation service at Pivotal Links 2023. Here’s what they had to say about the service:

‘’As an antibodies and kits supplier, we were impressed with the professional and efficient Brand Representation service at the Pivotal Links meeting. The team understood our business needs and helped us achieve our goal. We were kept informed at every stage of the process, and our queries were promptly answered.”

“The service exceeded our expectations, providing us with the connections we were looking for in OEM manufacturing and distribution

Dr. Wanzhou Zhao and James Meng from EnoGene

Interested in making B2B introductions with life science companies?

Pivotal has 15 years of experience in life science consultancy and a strong history of networking in the biotechnology industry. Pivotal Scientific provides a comprehensive overview of your company to third parties at Pivotal Links 2024, so you can have every confidence that your company will be professionally represented.

If you are unable to attend Pivotal Links 2024, please reach out to the Pivotal team, and we can make B2B introductions to life science companies on your behalf with the Brand Representation service.

Our dedicated B2B service at Pivotal Scientific can also help you achieve your business needs. Whether it be introductions to distributors, manufacturers, or OEM partners located across the globe, Pivotal Scientific can make personalised B2B introductions on your behalf that will advance your business strategies.