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Unable to attend?

If attending in person isn’t feasible, then you could consider our brand representation option. This is when a dedicated member of the Pivotal Scientific team becomes a brand ambassador for your company, actively participating in meetings and promoting your brand on your behalf

Our brand representation package offers various benefits, ensuring you and your company can fully leverage the Pivotal Links experience even when you can’t be physically present.

How Our Brand Representation Service Works  

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  1. Initial Call

    Once you have signed up for this service you will be introduced to a member of the Pivotal Scientific Team who will become your key point of contact for this service. Your account manager will maintain continuous contact via email and schedule an online meeting to discuss your event objectives, preferred contacts, and target geographical areas. At this point, we will also ask you for additional materials (flyers, promotional information, company information) to be shared with us.

  2. Pivotal Links Event Day 

    During the event, your account manager will host all the pre-booked face-to-face meetings. Detailed notes will be taken, and photos captured can be utilised for your social media channels. Additionally, printed promotional materials, as well as the presentation, will run on a loop throughout the event to attract more clients.

  3. Target Companies 

    To make the most of Pivotal Links, as if you were attending in person, it is important to invest time in identifying companies that can be approached for potential business collaborations. Your account manager will review the attendee list on your behalf and assess the suitability of attendees for outreach, in conjunction with a short list of companies you would like to speak with. This combined effort will result in a tailored list of potential meetings. Your company will be promoted as 'attending the event,' and any interested parties wanting to speak with you will be directed to the designated Pivotal Scientific team member for arranging a meeting.

  4. Follow-up activities 

    Your account manager will follow up on each meeting from the event and collaborate with both you and the interested party to ensure the timely supply of any requested materials and to address any outstanding questions. For instance, some companies may need technical product Instructions for Use (IFUs), samples for testing, etc., to allow discussions to continue.

  5. Out Reach

    Using the information gathered during the initial call, your account manager will send out emails to all your target companies and suggest times for a meeting at Pivotal Links. This email will contain details of the proposed business opportunity, along with an attached presentation created by us (using an in-house template and edited images). The presentation aims to provide a comprehensive overview of your company and highlights the advantages of collaborating with you.

  6. Handover

    After all introductions and information have been exchanged between the parties, your account manager will leave you to continue conversations with new business partners.

Your Brand Representation Ticket Includes

By opting for our Brand Representation package, you and your company can extract maximum value from the Pivotal Links experience, even when physical presence isn’t possible. The process of managing this package has been discussed above, but please see below for other key advantages included in your ticket price:

Brand Representation Booth

Marketing material and your company powerpoint will be displayed on the Brand Representation booth. 


A live stream of the presentations conducted on the day will be available for your viewing, and a video recording will also be accessible after the event, in case you miss the live version.

Company Promotion

Your attendence (via Pivotal Scientific) will be promoted on social media and in the Pivotal Links App in the lead up to the event.

Pivotal Links 2023
Pivotal Links 2023
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Interested To Learn More?

If you have any questions regarding the Brand Representation package, please fill out this quick form to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

As an antibodies and kits supplier, we were impressed with the professional and efficient Brand Representation service at the Pivotal Links meeting. The team understood our business needs and helped us achieve our goal. We were kept informed at every stage of the process, and our queries were promptly answered.

The service exceeded our expectations, providing us with the connections we were looking for in OEM manufacturing and distribution

Dr. Wanzhou Zhao and James Meng from EnoGene