2024 Attendees

Companies attending Pivotal Links

2024 Attendees

Below is a list of all the current companies attending Pivotal Links 2024, along with brief company overviews. This list will be updated every Friday between now and the event. The attendee mix includes life science R&D companies, distributors, academics, IVD manufacturers, and service providers from America, Europe, and Asia. 

Please take a moment to review the list and see if any align with your interests. If you find a match, feel free to reach out and book a meeting using our Event App or by contacting Pivotal Scientific for an introduction.

2BScientific Logo, full colour
2BScientific – UK

2BScientific is a leading distributor of innovative life science products, serving customers in the UK, Europe, and worldwide. Our top priority is always the customer, and we go above and beyond to provide exceptional service and innovative products that support scientific discovery. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ needs are met, and their expectations exceeded. From cutting-edge assays and technologies to reagents for basic research, we offer a wide range of innovative products that are designed to meet the needs of researchers across a variety of disciplines.

Absea logo
Absea Biotechnology

Absea is a transformative force in the protein engineering industry. Established in 2020, they are one of the fastest-growing biotech companies with over 250 employees across the globe.

Our cutting-edge platform for developing soluble proteins and monoclonal antibodies offers unparalleled throughput, enabling up to 1000 new development projects per month. Through dynamic collaborations with leaders in the life sciences, especially in proteomics, we have built a library of 12,000 soluble proteins covering 60% of the human proteome and we continue to broaden our synthetic proteome portfolio. Our monoclonal antibodies, validated for diverse applications, stand ready for widespread supply to the general market. Beyond this, we offer cutting-edge technological solution for proteomics and interactomics.

From our Innovation Center in Berlin, Manufacturing Centers in China, and Commercialization Center in the Bay Area, we cater to the needs of protein scientists as well as industry partners active in AI-driven protein design, diagnostics, and drug development. We strive to become a long-term partner for the world’s leading labs, companies and service providers.

Absolute Biotech logo
Absolute Biotech

Absolute Biotech specializes in antibody reagents, kits and services, adding value to existing antibodies through annotation, validation, sequencing, engineering and recombinant manufacturing.

Abyntek logo

Abyntek is a leading Spanish company for bioreagents supply, particularly specialising in the production of antibodies and recombinant proteins.

Their multidisciplinary technical team searches and imports the reagents that better fulfil your needs, so you can be thoroughly dedicated to your research project.

affinityImmuno logo

AffinityImmuno Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company providing high quality R&D products and services to for the global community with emphasis on biological drugs and biosimilars. We specialize in antibodies and bioanalytical methodologies for cancer, autoimmune disorders, and COVID-19. We offer several off-the-shelf ELISA kits and legacy monoclonal antibodies. We leverage our combined experience of over 30 years working in immunology and analytical chemistry to offer high quality products and service to quickly meet new challenges.

Ampersand Biosciences
Ampersand Biosciences

Ampersand Biosciences began operations in 2016. Together, our four founders—Dr. Laurie Stephen, Dr. Tori Race, Kristi Marshall and Marc Damour—have decades of experience developing custom, multiplexed immunoassays and kits for pharmaceutical companies and university research laboratories.

Animal Free Research logo
Animal Free Research UK

Animal Free Research UK aims for all research into treating human diseases to be entirely animal-free.

Animal Free Research UK works for a world where human diseases are cured faster with animal-free human-specific technologies. Their mission is to champion better medical research for the good of animals, patients and science.

They also work with policymakers and the public to drive forward change that will benefit patients and boost economic growth, while improving animal protection.

antibodies-online logo

antibodies-online is the leading vendor-independent marketplace for research reagents, especially antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits. We currently list products for 90 000+ targets, 2 000+ species and more than 300+ applications. We deliver to universities, biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Archimed logo

ARCHIMED is a global investment firm focused on the healthcare industries. They are joining forces with scientists, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors to positively impact companies operating in those fields. They are particularly focused on supporting them in their efforts in internationalization, capacity increase, product range expansion and acquisitions.

Arktalent Logo
Ark Talent Group

Ark Talent Group is a diverse specialist staffing business dedicated to working in partnership with you to become an integral component of your company’s growth, development and success.

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