Global Networking Event

17th -18th June 2024
The RUO & IVD networking event

Global Reach

Pivotal Links, hosted by Pivotal Scientific, is a globally recognised networking event for both research and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) reagent companies. This event is purposefully designed to facilitate connections and relationships for CEOs and decision-makers within the biotech sector, thanks to a significant portion of the agenda dedicated to meetings in our specialised networking areas.

Pivotal Scientific is a leading biotech consultancy company that has successfully hosted numerous networking events in Wuhan, China, and Oxford, UK, over the last decade. We are thrilled to extend an invitation to Pivotal Links 2024, a two-day event in the historic town of Oxford. The attendee mix includes life science R&D companies, distributors, academics, IVD manufacturers, and service providers. Delegates can anticipate a day informative presentations on new technologies and utilise our new App to schedule and attend pre-arranged meetings with prospective business partners.

What to expect

Morning Insights:
Immerse yourself in Pivotal Scientific’s approved one-hour session as seven industry trailblazers present their latest breakthroughs and product developments.

Endless Networking Opportunities:
At the core of Pivotal Links is a commitment to collaboration. Following the presentations, the day moves into a dedicated networking session, providing companies with the ideal environment to cultivate new partnerships.

Gala Dinner:
Elevate your networking experience at our Gala Dinner. Amidst an ambiance of professional camaraderie, savour gourmet cuisine while making valuable connections in a relaxed setting.

What Makes It Unique

Our Sponsors


Pivotal Links offered valuable cross-disciplinary exchanges, fostering new learning and collaborative idea generation.

Aeonian Biotech

Pivotal Links has been a huge part of helping me grow my business by expanding my network.

Absolute Antibodies

Pivotal Links is a fantastic networking day as we can meet so many people from all over the world without all the travel.


Thrilled to sponsor Pivotal Links, showcasing our airlift bioreactor technology with applications in antibody and vaccine production markets, to attendees.


Pivotal Links is crucial for facilitating face-to-face meetings and fostering trustful business relationships