Event App

Powered by Brella

Boost your Pivotal Links Experience

For Pivotal Links 2024, Pivotal Scientific is introducing our new event app, powered by Brella

Find information and announcements about the event, organise your own personal event schedule, connect with attendees and arrange your networking sessions with the help of AI matchmaking.

  • Get started on iOS, Android, or web

    1. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play
    2. Create your profile using the link or code for the event sent to your email
    3. Start networking with professionals from around the world

  • Arrange Relevant 1:1 meetings

    Attendees can easily filter the attendee list allowing quick and easy selection of who they would like to meet with.

    Use the app's 'simple meeting scheduler'. You can set times when your 1:1 meetings can happen so attendees can send a meeting request for a specific time block - no back-and-forth required.

  • Opportunities for Our Sponsors

    Reach out to high-value prospects and secure relevant 1:1 meetings

    Access a personalised list of leads and more valuable data with a booth traffic report.

    Make your brand front-and-centre of the app experience for all attendees.